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Soccer: Our Passion, Our Life.

The ELEVEN Sport is a company from USA, specialized in Soccer Travels, Pre-Seasons, High Level Training and

Soccer Consulting for Players. Our staff members has more than 15 years of experience with

PLAYERS, TEAMS and COACHES from USA, BRAZIL, CANADA and other countries.


With ELEVEN, you can improve and develop your Soccer skills, being better for your Soccer Life. 

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Atletas, Treinadores e Equipes - Faça uma viagem aos EUA para vivenciar uma relevante e inesquecível experiência em sua vida. Você pode também ter a oportunidade de ser avaliado para, futuramente, ganhar uma bolsa de estudos para jogar futebol e estudar numa Universidade Norte-Americana. 


Individual or group - To improve your soccer skills. Evaluation and analysis the potencial of the player, to do the best preparation for your objective; High School, Soccer Club, College or Pro-Team.


Players, Coaches and Teams - Take a trip to Rio de Janeiro or Pernambuco to have practice in the country 5 times World Champion.

You can improve our skills, playing with our accredited members in Brazil, and having a opportunity to know the culture and the soccer of this beautiful country.

"Traveling to USA to play soccer was really important to me. I learned many new things that I'm going to take forever in my life, on and off the field. I had the opportunity to play on fields of high quality and to know a new culture, what was much relevant to me. Furthermore, after seeing the structure and the support they have for women's soccer, it all only made my desire to study in USA increases."

Samara Lino

"My name is Kauany, I'm 16 years old and I'm on my senior year. My biggest passion is to play soccer, last year I had the opportunity to travel

to the U.S.A. with Alex Mathias to pass through a training period. It was a wonderful and yet unique experience for me, I've never done

something like that in my life. The schools/universities' structure and the training type was so different from what I'm used to here.

I was very surprise how americans value feminine soccer. I hope to come back soon."

Kauany Dias